How might we harness the potential of technology to bridge the education gap and unlock the potential of the young people of Africa?

Why is this important?

Our thinking behind making this a priority

A 2016 report by UNESCO, states that in sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 89 million young people, between the ages 12-24 years are out of school. Furthermore, the region is experiencing the largest teacher gap, globally, and needs to recruit 17 million primary and secondary school teachers by 2030.

Factors such as an exploding population growth of school age children, currently contribute to the fact that 70-90% of the countries have an acute shortage of primary and secondary school teachers.

In order to safeguard the accelerated development of Africa, and unlock the potential of the 21st century, there is a need for innovative digital technology to improve access to high quality education resources, irrespective of geographical location.

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  • BRCK Education
  • Teach for All
  • Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • STIR Education
  • re:learn

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